Visitors should expect to spend roughly an hour (60 minutes) in The Starfleet Academy Experience.

Yes. Visitors are welcome to take pictures and videos for personal use during their time in the Experience. Please note, however, that both flash photography and the use of a tripod are prohibited. Media photography (and any photography for professional use) is prohibited unless authorized and photographer must be accompanied by Museum staff.

Yes. The gift shop has a wide variety of Starfleet Academy Experience merchandise for sale.  Bring the Experience home with you!

Yes, but please note: while visitors of all ages are welcome to wear Star Trek-themed costumes to the Experience, helmets or masks covering part or all of the face cannot be worn into the Experience space. Leave these elements at home, or contact the Museum for information pertaining to lockers or coat-room facilities.

No. Out of consideration for other visitors, all replica weapons and other props are forbidden inside the Experience.

Yes, the Experience is wheelchair accessible. No, there will not be any storage available for strollers.

The Experience has something for everyone. From kids to grandparents, from super-fans to newbies, all visitors can explore The Starfleet Academy Experience.

No. The Starfleet Academy Experience offers plenty of context for newcomers to the Star Trek universe.

The Experience has been designed to be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Concerned parents can check with Museum staff for more guidance.

Yes. Visitors wishing to avoid disappointment at the door are advised to book tickets in advance. You will be allotted a specific time to start your visit. Visitors are encouraged to purchase their tickets online to avoid long wait times.

There is a limit to the number of people who can visit the Experience at once. By booking a start time for your visit, you guarantee yourself all the time and space you’ll need to enjoy The Starfleet Academy Experience to its fullest.

Visitors are responsible for arriving on time for the visit time indicated on their ticket. Make sure to leave extra time to avoid disappointment.

No. Take all the time you need. Just remember that re-entry is NOT permitted once you leave.

On the day of your visit, from a few minutes to a few hours after you’ve entered your email address. Please double-check your email address before entering to make sure it is correct.

First, be sure to check the spam folder in your inbox. If it’s not there, it’s possible that the email address you entered at the exhibit was incorrect. Unfortunately, since we do not keep your data, it is impossible for us to retrieve it.
Two crew members seated at the controls.