Star TrekTM at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

The world premiere of Star TrekTM: The Starfleet Academy Experience has landed in Ottawa at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. As recruits at a Starfleet Academy Career Day, visitors can try a number of activities to test their aptitude for the Communications, Medical, Navigation, Engineering, Science, Tactical and Command branches. The Experience brings Star TrekTM to life in a fun, accessible and immersive way with legendary characters, props and technologies, some never seen in Canada.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum will host Star TrekTM: The Starfleet Academy Experience through September 5, 2016.

Is someone in your family destined to be a Commander? Or navigate the Enterprise? Find out through this interactive, hands-on family experience. When training is complete, recruits will receive a dossier summarizing their results.
Children of all ages will love being part of science in action by:

  • Testing their phaser skills
  • Designing (and sharing) an alien selfie
  • Learning to speak Klingon
  • Transporting their siblings into outer space!

For the first time, fans can attend the legendary Starfleet Academy:

  • Attempt the infamous Kobayashi Maru scenario
  • Take command of the bridge, inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation, with control panel artwork designed by Michael Okuda
  • Be inspired by Admiral Kirk’s and Captain Picard’s uniforms in the Captain’s Hall
  • See iconic items from Star TrekTM sets, including phasers, a Borg costume, tricorders and a dilithium crystal cluster

The Experience is created by EMS Entertainment in collaboration with the Canada Aviation and Space Museum under license from CBS Consumer Products.

Two crew members seated at the controls.